how to build an adirondack guideboat


Tale of an Historic Adirondack Guideboat and How  to Build one begins by telling the romantic story of a classic guideboat, how it was passed down through the family from the original owners of Great Camp Santanoni as a token of love and acceptance. The author then leads the reader through a step-by-step process for building a replica of this guideboat using traditional methods and materials. Great care has been taken to make the instructions easy to follow and to use easily understood terms. Those who choose to build this "Stradivarius" of wooden boats will take extreme pride in its elegant all-wood construction, lightweight and handsome appointments.


"I have been asked many times if there is a how-to book on building an adirondack guideboat in the traditional way. This book will be a great resource for modern boatbuilders and woodworkers. I hope it encourages them to tackle the challenging but rewarding task of building one of the world's finest regional small boats."- Hallie Bond, Curator-Boating and Watercraft. The Adirondack Museum

"The description of how Santanoni was sold and how our family's beloved guideboat, the Queen Anne, was named are the most accurate we have ever seen!"- Susan Pruyn King, granddaughter of Robert and Anna Pruyn, original owners of Great Camp Santanoni.

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